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How we started

Pastor Adrien Nkundimana, President and Founder of BEMI, established the Ministry in 2004. God put into the heart of Pastor Adrien the vision to help orphans and widows; to do the work of reconciliation; and to promote peace among different tribes and ethnic groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda. 

Pastor Adrien was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and is married to Rose Nsabimana. They have eight children and 10 grandchildren.

The current activities of BEMI include:
  - Retreats and Seminars on healing and reconciliation through God’s forgiveness. These sessions have been offered to Church leaders, pastors, men, women, and youth. 
  - Educational assistance to orphans by paying school tuition, providing school uniforms, school supplies; and also providing micro-credit assistance to widows enabling them to conduct a small business to provide for their families. 
  - Education in preventing and fighting against HIV/AIDS is also a high priority.

All this is offered through the blessed name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. 
Pastor Adrien Background:
Pastor Adrien received a degree in Management and Administration in 2002, Bukavu, D. R. Congo. 
After extensive training in Christian Leadership, he received confirmation of the same by the Church in Kigali, Rwanda, 2005. 
Adding to his training in Christian Leadership, he also received training in Reconciliation Ministry serving as a Reconciliation Retreat leader in many countries. 

In 2013, Pastor Adrian graduated in Theology from Grand Canyon University(B.A)
He works for a Compassionate Ministry(about Reconciliation and helping orphans and widows) through BEMI as an Executive Director.


Pastor Adrien has been in active Ministry for many years. He was a member of the community of Pentecostal Churches in D. R. Congo, a Pentecostal denomination of Sweden.    He was ordained as Pastor on April 3, 1994.  He served as General Secretary of a Revival Ministry in Africa for four years, and as a Coordinator for The Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation for seven years.  In 2013 he joined the Church of Nazarene where he is the Pastor in Parkview in Dayton, Ohio.

Committee In Africa:

BEMI has African Executive Committees working in concert with the USA Board of Directors (listed below). In the three countries of Burundi, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo where BEMI ministers in Central Africa, the Executive Committees, made up of five volunteers per Committee, oversee the organization in their respective countries.  The Executive Committee for each country is charged with identifying needs, informing recipients of our service and ministries, execution of projects, day to day management of projects, and reporting to all the duly elected Board Officials in their respective countries. Each member of the Executive Committee has a representative who has overall responsibility for calling and conducting meetings, directing activities, and reporting to the Oversight Committee. 

The USA Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing all fund-raising activities, to oversee the use of funds and ensure that funds are used for designated purposes, and to report to donors on the use of funds. 

The primary intermediary between the African Teams and the American Board is Pastor Adrien Nkundimana. 

A history of BEMI's past and present activities are as follows:

Works done in 2011 -2013

Burundi: Supported 68 orphan students with school supplies and food. We bought goats and served …widows.

DR Congo: Supported 80 orphan students with paying school tuition; and have bought 25 goats to 25 widows.

Rwanda: In 2012-2013, we bought uniforms for 60 orphan students.

Projects and Needs  for  2014-2019 include:

Burundi: To support 68 orphans with school supplies and food. To assist 100 widows by buying for them 10 chickens. 
We have a vision to establish an orphanage in Burundi. 

DR Congo: To support 80 orphan students with school supplies and tuition. We will assist 100 widows by providing to them 10 chickens each. 
We have a vision to establish an orphanage in DR Congo.

Rwanda: Support 60 orphan students with school supplies.  

We have successfully conducted Retreats of Reconciliation through forgiveness for leaders from different ethnic groups in Burundi and in the DR Congo.

Support Us

We are a non-profit organization and welcome any kind of support. If you would like to help out, please contact us.

God bless you!!


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